Broadgate Quarter, London

The studio was commissioned to create animated content for a ten-metre long mediawall for the reception lounge at Broadgate Quarter, Snowden Street in London. Continually updated skyline views of Shoreditch and the City are captured from the roof of the building to create three automatic, cinematic and interactive artworks:

'Day and Night'  displays yesterday's skyline and tracks visitors' positions in realtime to superimpose bands of night over day, in an interactive panorama.

'Twenty-Four Hours’ is a twenty-four hour skyline comprised of strips of film, each an hour apart, combining to display day and night in a single panorama.

'Sunrise and Sunset' shows yesterday's sunrise and sunset for visitors and tenants arriving and leaving the building each day.

The artwall content was commissioned by Hines UK. The project was a collaboration between John Robertson Architects and Studio Of Cinematic Architecture. Bespoke software was produced by Showave and the initial time-lapse photography was created by James Medcraft.

broadgate quarter artwall

photograph by James Medraft

photograph by James Medraft

photograph by James Medraft