The Bike Line, 2011 (competition)

The Bike Line is a new concept in bicycle shelter. A painted pink line on the ground leads cyclists to secure bike structures formed as an extension of the line itself, coiling into an iconic enclosure. Aimed to increase the desirability of cycling in the city this structure can be configured to accommodate any number of bikes. The design combines an iconic line drawing of a bicycle and a shed to create a hybrid of bicycle stand and roof structure in one. The stands and the bicycle outline at each end of the structure combine from one view point to resolve a identifiable bicycle icon. The robust colourful construction adopts materials of existing bike structures.

The project, a collaboration with Tughela Gino Architecture, was runner up in the Architecture Foundation's Better Bankside Bike Shed competition. The model was made by Wanju Kim. Photos by Jin Lee.

final outside2-1_w.jpg
final outside6-1_w.jpg